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The twisting of love in homosexuality

The Legend of Korra is a "children's show" with lots of adult themes interwoven within it. It is interesting also in that it is set in a universe based upon modified Eastern metaphysics (i.e. Western Liberal appropriation of what they think is Eastern metaphysics), although I note with amusement that "reincarnation" has been redefined from an actual reincarnation of the person into merely of the "animating principle" of a person. The recent ending has been controversial since it alluded to a lesbian relationship between the hero (Korra) and her former love rival, then friend (Asami Sato), and then it was confirmed by co-creator Bryan Konietzko.

Now the animators and story-tellers can do whatever they wish with the story. The Legend of Korra after all has way too many killings (e.g. on-screen political assassination, murder-suicide) and adult themes (e.g. social inequality, gender roles, anarchy, fascism) to be a children's show anyway. What they wish to do however is the slow mainstreaming of homosexuality into children's cartoons, which is another issue altogether (the blurring between children and adult shows really doesn't help here).

As the liberal culture pushes their agenda, Christians are under tremendous pressure to compromise. The hypocrisy of the Left is so blatant that it is only willful blindness on their part on how bigoted and intolerant they are of anyone who thinks differently from them. "Openness" and "Tolerance" applies to all who believe the same things as them, while others are *by definition* "bigoted," "intolerant," and "hateful." It comes to the stage that even libertarian atheists have to side with Christians in the "culture wars," signs of how bigoted and intolerant the Left has become.

Such cartoons and anime like The Legend of Korra repeat the homosexualist portrayal of homosexuality as being something beautiful, for love after all is beautiful. But what exactly is love? The underlying premise behind this, and basically the propagandist view of homosexual "love" (not its actual reality), is that love is a beautiful feeling towards another person. So if two girls or two guys feel romantically attached to each other, how can anyone be against such "love"? "Love" is beautiful, "love" is good, and thus it is hateful to be against the "love" two people (of whatever gender permutation) have for each other.

What we have here is a fundamental distortion of the nature of love. Love in this modern/ post-modern 21st century is all about "feels." It is all about what one feels towards another person. Now while one can include the physical elements of desire and sex, the propagandist view focuses on what seems "purer." For some "couples," this might actually be their reality, although such is certainly not the case for those who engage in group orgies regularly, which I might add constitute a significant portion of those who identify as LGBTQ. But let's just focus on the "purer" version which is how they generally portray homosexuality in the media.

The issue is this: Is "love" primarily an emotion, about feelings? For most, that is probably their definition of love. Yet for Christians, love cannot be primarily about emotions. God is love, yet He is impassible. For God at least, "love" is a volition. But then of course what about humans? We are after all not God.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. (Jn. 15:13)

So we return to the question: What is the nature of love? I think we see something of the nature of love in John 15:13, where love is manifested in self-sacrifice for the other person. What this shows is the more generic principle of focusing on the good of the other person. It is after all absurd for someone to sacrifice of oneself to inflict evil on the other, and call that "love." So, in other words, the nature of love is to desire the betterment of the object of that love. Love in this sense is first and foremost volition (an attitude), before it is emotion. That is the biblical view of love, and it is such a general truth that it is revealed also in General Revelation, in the consciences of Man and Natural Law.

For all the sensate people, that love is actually primarily volitional is something that they suppress, as seen in that most of them are not consistent with their sensual definition of love. For if love is all about romantic feelings (i.e. "falling in love"), then do those same people promoting LGBTQ "equality" promote the idea of incestous "love" IF consensual (brother-sister, father-daughter, and any permutations thereof)? How about "inter-generational love," which in the case of grown men and boys is otherwise known as pederasty? How about threesomes or more, otherwise known as "plural marriages"? What aren't they promoting those pairings, since love is after all defined purely on the basis of emotions? If a mother wants to marry her daughter, I should expect the LGBTQ promoting crowd to applaud it, or how about a mother, her two daughters and one teenage boy? If they all feel romantically attracted to each other, why not? You oppose it? What a bigot!

Even excluding the discussion of LGBTQ, let's talk about adultery or extra-marital affairs. If one develops romantic feelings for someone who is already married, or if one is married yet develop romantic feelings towards another person, should one feel free to pursue those feelings? Let's even assume that the interest is reciprocated. If love is defined primarily as an emotion, then surely we should consider it loving if the two adulterers pursue their relationship? After all, they "love" each other, so upon what basis can "love" be denied? Isn't one supposed to be for "equality," which means "equality" for adulterers too? So ok, if you agree that adultery is wrong, then was that actually "love" in the first place, if for example a married man and his female colleague desire to sleep with each other? If "love" is primarily an emotion, then surely we must say that the two actually "love" each other, even if one was to hold that adultery is wrong.

Mind - Will - Emotions

Love should not therefore be defined as an emotion, but as a volition. Emotions may come, but they are accidental to love. Mind, will, emotions. Christians are to renew their minds (Rom. 12:2),and then they are asked to live life accordingly (choices, will). While wrong emotions are certainly sin, yet I do not see the same emphasis on emotions in the Bible, probably because the focus is from the mind to the will and then the emotions. This is how Christians are to live in the world, not according to sensate experiences. Since love is for the betterment of the object loved, therefore we must say that adultery is not love, neither is LGBTQ love. One can have "feelings" of love which are actually lust, and lust does not have to be physical but it can be emotional as well.

Therefore, if one for whatever reason has "romantic" feelings towards someone of the same sex, or a married person or any other person that one should not have feelings towards, what one is feeling is not love. It matters not how much one THINKS it is love, or even if one sacrifices for the other, for in the end what one desires is illicit and works towards the destruction of the other person (nevermind oneself). The consequences of one's decisions are based upon the objective reality of whether that supposed relationship betters or harms the other person, and are independent of the purity of motives or lack thereof. Just like denying the reality of gravity is irrelevant as to the reality of gravity, so likewise denying the real ethical consequences of one's actions does not result in their erasure. One might have the purest motives (from one's perspective) in seducing a married woman, but it's still wrong regardless of one's motives.

There are people who struggle with all manner of temptations, but temptations are just that... temptations. Temptations are not orientations, but are to be resisted. The problem is that many people rather give in to the flesh. It is understandable for those without Christ to do so, but it is an abomination for those who claim the name of Christ to give into the flesh and claim they have a "homosexual orientation." Those who lie do not have a "lying orientation," those who commit adultery do not have an "adulterous orientation," so why must those who struggle with homosexual temptations be said to have a "homosexual orientation"? The struggle is hard, but you know what? Struggling against sin IS hard. Struggling for holiness is hard. We do not need to make it harder than it already is, but neither should we make it easier than it already is. As for relationships, is it hard to reject someone one might be attracted to because the other party is an unbeliever, or is doctrinally confessionally too dissimilar? It could be. Is it hard to keep one's thoughts pure in the midst of a desensitized, pornographic generation? Yes. Is it hard to struggle with singleness and loneliness? Yes, and articles like these don't help. So? Struggles are struggles, but the issue is this: Unless you really love God and His honor more than yourself, it will be impossible to stand strong for what is true. If you cannot deny yourself, crucify your emotions, then how are you able to stand against the tide? Emotions are fickle and irrational, and not to be trusted. One can re-orient the mind and train the will to some extent, but emotions like the tongue are flames of fire, to be bridled and kept on a short leash.

So LGBTQ "love" is not true love at all. However, by now all of us know how most of those "tolerant" liberals argue. Shouting down the opposition, screaming charges of "bigotry" and "hatred" while showing us through their attitude who is the real bigot and hater, ignoring the real argument for sob stories, none of those interested in promoting the LGBTQIA agenda actually are interested in the truth. They are essentially fascists in their conduct, shutting down the opposition and behaving with the Nietzschean idea of "might makes right." So while I welcome interaction from those who disagree, it is a qualified welcome because I know what to expect from most of them who are hooligans. Ironically, it is the conduct of the homosexualists that prove that their "love" is only good for propaganda, as we see it absent in practice.

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