Monday, May 05, 2014

Commenting rule change

With the 2nd person being banned from this blog, I have decided to change the commenting system here. Now, all comments will be moderated before they are being published. Rest assured that, unless your comments violate any of the rules here, they will be published as long as Blogger shows them to me.

This blog, while publicly assessable, is considered as my blog. It is my small web space to comment and write about things that concern me. Just like a private building, I have the right to decide what rules apply and what don't. Commenting here is always a privilege. If you don't like what you read, you can either (1) Stop reading it, (2) Interact via comments, or (3) Write your own blog post criticizing me, to which I may or may not respond (Note: I don't have to respond to every critique). You can do anything you wish elsewhere, but here at my blog, you follow the rules set here, just as you would (hopefully) follow the rules of a private facility of which you are a guest.