Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Kong Hee incident: How should we respond

With Kong Hee and associates charged with financial misconduct, how should Christians respond? I have mentioned that we should first of all recognize that Kong Hee's teachings are false and contrary to biblical truth. Secondly, we should stand on the side of truth not blindly defending Christian pastors and leaders. Thirdly, we should recognize our complicity in tolerating this false prophet in our midst with our mistaken notions of "love" and "don't judge." Fourthly, we should pray for justice to be done, and for Kong Hee's repentance for his sins.

We should be grieved in our hearts over the matter. True, Kong Hee is a false teacher, but we should not gloat over his misfortunes. We should on the one hand be happy that the Lord in His providence has (at least temporarily) removed him from the scene through this scandal. Yet, we are not to gloat over his fall, no matter how well deserved it is (and he deserves far worse for his promotion of heresy in the churches). We are not like the unregenerate, beloved, or the Purpose Driven visionaries who throw people under the "Church bus." No, our goal is not the destruction of heretics but their repentance. God will judge those who persist in their heresies to the end.

So yes, in one sense, we can be relieved that God has temporarily removed Kong Hee from the scene. Yet, let us pray that this episode will be the catalyst for Kong Hee's repentance from his wicked deeds. Heresy leads to the murder of souls, and Kong Hee is responsible for the systematic murder of thousands and tens of thousands of souls. Just as God saved Saul on the road to Damascus, and saved wicked King Manasseh after bringing the Babylonians against him (2 Chron. 33:12-13), let us pray that God will bring Kong Hee to repentance from his wickedness into true faith.


Daniel said...

Spot on.

Unknown said...

I had the same thought as well. As christians, we know we live in the last days when we find many people deceived by false teachers. Although it looks like it is negative publicity for Christianity, but our God is great and He is just. I take it that God has started his judgement on Kong Hee and Sun Ho for stumbling so many people from believing in Jesus of the Bible through their false teaching. Jesus was patient to wait for three and half years for Judas Iscariot to repent. Likewise, God has given sufficient time for these two false teachers to repent, and knowing that they are still unrepentant, the Lord has acted to expose their hypocrisy so that the world will know that these two are false teachers. Praise God!
For Christians, we are reminded all the more to pray and work earnestly to bring more people to know the Lord Jesus of the Bible. For we know that there will be more false christs to appear during the last days and their mission is to deceive people to know the real Christ of the Bible. Woe to these false teachers!

Daniel C said...


true, but still we should be sad that God's name is mocked because of this incident.

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Linda said...

Amen we should not "gloat" over him-Pr.24:17. We should always in light of all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" grieve and pray that he would repent and that God would have mercy and save him.

Daniel, Thanks for your balance in loving the truth and justice being served but at the same time having compassion just like Jesus ---It shows you truly have the love of Christ reigning in your heart

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Unknown said...

People should be aware of fakes like him and more so if they remain naive and be mislead.

Many fail to see that his mentor Canon James Wog a heretic appointed KH as Director of Festival of Praise to collect money from silly churches giving to the tunes of millions for decades and City Harvest buys Suntec shares. His godfather Dr Isaac Lim is a plagiariser as well!

All are in same boat to introduce heresies and bad theology to churches. In the end they get paid by KH and buys properties in several countries for their own benefits. Who sp[onsored their crimes?