Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paper: Evaluating Kazoh Kitamori's Doctrine of the Atonement

My last paper to be handed in for this semester happened to be the first one back. Without further ado, here is my paper for the Doctrine of Christ course, entitled Evaluating Kazoh Kitamori's Doctrine of the Atonement. [Just FYI, there is always Google translate for the non-English words.] An excerpt:

The visible growth of Christianity in the non-Western world has been phenomenal. Alongside this growth has been the call for indigenized theologies to arise to re-contextualize theology for non-Western, non-Greco-Roman cultures, with a view towards giving meaning to “ancient traditions” which were denigrated by Westerners.

In this light, Japanese theologian Kazoh Kitamori (北森.嘉蔵) has been hailed in the West for coming up with the first indigenous Japanese theology, although Japanese theologians are not as excited about Kitamori’s theology as the West seems to be. Kitamori claimed to be recontextualizing Luther’s theology, especially Luther’s dichotomy between the theologia crucis and theologia gloriae, and between the Deus revelatus and Deus absconditus, and Luther’s idea of the communicatio idiomatum, to come up with his own theology of pain (theologia doloris)


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