Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bryan Crawford Loritts and Black Racism

This has to be seen to be believed:

The racism of black "pastor" Bryan Crawford Loritts is shocking. On the one hand, he denigrates all people of his own ethic group by insinuating that they can only rise spiritually to the level of embracing heretics. On the other hand, he attacks discerning biblical pastors of his own ethnic group as being mindless ass-kissers to their white masters.

The depths of depravity and wickedness to which MacDonald and company are willing to descend to amazes me. But then, I guess this is what happens when you stick around with false shepherds such as Stephen Furtick of "Hey Haters" fame.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me how Loritts used this opportunity to attack the "white reformed" Christians. I wonder where he gets the idea that white reformed Christians think they are more mature than other Christians. And not all reformed Christians are white, he needs to pay a visit to my PCA church sometime. There are all types of people in there.

Anonymous said...

This bigotry sounds more in place with an Al Sharpton, or a Cornell West than it does in the church. Rather than start with "we are all neither free nor slave..." (paraphrase) he chooses to start with the secular instituional racial bigotry and try to attach it, velcro like, to theological issues. And since the only issue is the divisive train wreck that is ER2, it ends up coming off as, well...Sharpton and West.
God help the young man, he is a brother, but wrong in virtually every aspect of what he said.

Daniel C said...



terriergal said...

Hey - the other guys (Charles Jenkins and Eric Mason) essentially echoed what Loritts said. The full video is here

JMacd makes noises about being 'humbled' (in case we didn't notice?) and that the guys were free to criticize if they felt the need.

Like that was going to happen!

All of them participate in this racism and playing the pharisee card. I also found it particularly funny that Mason brought up the thing about some guy being denied entrance to a seminary because of his skin color. Well they wouldn't know anything about denying entry to a teaching venue, would they....?

terriergal said...

The other thing that blows my mind is that he isn't even considering all the confessional Lutherans, Southern Baptists and other trinitarians who are equally alarmed at this. It's just "white reformed" and "black reformed" as if there is no one else, in his mind. Reformed folk are not the only ones concerned. The guy who got denied entrance is confessional Lutheran.

Daniel C said...


it's just straw-man ad-hominem argument. Easier to do that than address the issue, otherwise they have to repent.

Concerned Texas Christian said...

i find it quite interesting that Bryan Loritts is a headline speaker at the D6 conference, which is a ministry of Randall House. Randall House is owned and operated by the national association of freewill baptists. In December of 2011, the NAOFB,adopted a resolution that they deplore all forms of racism. someone (that will start in a few moments) should inform them that they are hiring a race baiter for their upcoming conf.

Daniel C said...

@Concerned Texan:

well, you may want to contact them if you wish.