Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pre-Prolegomena: Rationales

I have been busy with exams at the moment. As I take a rest, I have given some thought to various issues. One issue which I have given some thought to is the need to produce some form of document to outline the basics of the Reformed Christian faith as it translates to Christian living.

Part of the reason for this stems from the an apologetic need to defend my actions, of which I presupposed the Christian basics as a matter of fact. But more importantly, many people seem to have a totally unbiblical view of Christianity and what constitutes biblical action. For example, many people think that even naming heretics is unbiblical.

In light of the appalling lack of biblical literacy among supposed Christians nowadays, and the anti-intellectualism present in the churches, there is a crying need to translate the truths of the Scriptures to simpler language. On my blog, my tendency has been towards greater intellectual rigorosity and precision, as my blog is basically a platform of my thoughts. I do not in general spell out the rationales undergirding what I do. This has probably caused some consternation to new readers, and to friends who do not embrace what I have presupposed.

In light of this, I think it is best to produce such a document. My aim is not to necessarily confound my critics, as if that was even possible. But for those whose hearts are noble like the Bereans, I hope to communicate to them what a Christian life and worldview should be like in dealing with some of the issues that is everywhere around us, as simply as I can make it. The target audience is new evangelicals especially those in Singapore, and that is where the level of communication would aim for. I'm not trying to talk down to people, but sadly to say, some people cannot understand stuff which I consider simple, which is why I consider this PRE-prolegomena.

This series would start after my exams are over, which would be in less than a week's time.


Charlie J. Ray said...

I don't believe dumbing down the message is the answer to biblical illiteracy. The answer is education and instruction in the Bible. The church growth movement is notorious for emptying the faith of any doctrinal content. Why try a method that has already been shown to led people into further ignorance?

PuritanReformed said...

Hi Charlie,

I am not dumbing down the message. I'm dumbing down the language. It's meant to get people to think that there is a reason why theology is important etc, not to give them the entire content of the faith (as if that is even possible given a limited vocabulary).

PuritanReformed said...

It's called pre-polegomena, not prolegomena or theological education

Anonymous said...

"some people cannot understand stuff which I consider simple"

That's where sanctification comes in, brother. :) In all seriousness, I think your series will help many to understand these simple truths if you put it in plain simple language (if that's what you mean by "as simple as I can make it").

I look forward to reading the first installment of the series.

PuritanReformed said...


Yea, I mean "plain simple language" or as someone once put it, using words with less than 4 syllables.

Btw, why are you listed as "unknown"?