Monday, October 17, 2011

TGC and the silencing of opposing voices

"I've received from an employee of TGC (The Gospel Coalition) just last week an email basically telling me to shut up about James MacDonald because I'm effectively opposing the work of the church." — Carl Trueman (05:23 - 05:38, here)

Pastor Mike Abendroth just did a radio interview with Dr. Carl Trueman on the MacDonald-Jakes Elephant Room debacle, which is very illuminating. What is disturbing in and of itself however is the above quoted sentence made by Dr. Trueman.

Here we have, apparently, an employee from The Gospel Coalition attempting to silence the warning of James MacDonald's compromise. Apparently, Trueman is big and influential enough to warrant a "reprimand" by the unappointed spokesmen of "Reformed Evangelicals." Unlike the "watchbloggers," whom the BIG-Shots [Caps intentional] can safely ignore because we have less influence, Dr. Trueman as a minister and a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia cannot be easily ignored. Apparently, they decide to try to do damage control and silence the messenger.

Sounds familiar? This is the disgusting tactic of politicking. This behavior is totally un-Christian! This is from the world. Only the world silence controversy with tactics other than resolving the controversy from a doctrinal perspective. Worse still, apparently, criticizing MacDonald's action entails "opposing the work of the church." Since when did MacDonald become the standard of orthopraxy?

This revelation is disturbing, and throws up a lot of questions and doubts over the fidelity to the Gospel of The Gospel Coalition in their actual practice, notwithstanding their damage control piece in which they absolve themselves from any responsibility for MacDonald's actions whatsoever. Maybe one of the "New Calvinists" can help me here: How is the action of one of the TGC employees to Dr. Trueman in line with the Gospel? Do they believe that it is in line with the Gospel that the actions of one man is equated with the work of the church in toto? Does MacDonald possess infallibility when he does ministry ex cathedra?

I hope for the best, but it seems that TGC is on the downward slope. May God have mercy on them and especially the flock under their care, and on us all


Alienrighteousness said...

Interesting, I would think that one who promotes heresy (T.D. Jakes) would be considered to be "opposing the work of the church."
Not the one who stands up for the historical Christian doctrine of the trinity.

(Which, coincidentally happens to be the doctrine of the CHURCH)

PuritanReformed said...


I agree.

mwhenry said...

Careful Sir, you may be on the verge of being labelled a cheetos in pajamas in grandmas basement type.

Prediction:circle the wagons time.

PuritanReformed said...


what's new?

Concerned Texas Christian said...

It is very sad that Dr. MacDonald is going down this celebrity preacher road. A nobody brilliant apologist would not be invited to his elephant room because they have no celebrity. It seems that he is willing to invite pretty much anyone that will get them the exposure to celebrity status that they so desperately seem to be wanting. I believe this is Dr. MacDonald following the focus of his child (Luke) rather than sound biblical ideas.

PuritanReformed said...


indeed, it is sad.