Friday, July 29, 2011

VFT Book Review: Evidence for God

William Dembski and Michael Licona have co-authored a book supposedly giving 50 reasons/ evidences for God, and by 'God' they mean God not some generic 'god'. I have reviewed this book, and the review is now available on the Valiant for Truth blog here.

An excerpt:

Evidence for God, edited by William Dembski and Michael Licona, consists of 50 short essays written by various philosophers, scientists and theologians, all arguing for God in general and the Christian God in particular. The 50 essays are split into four sections: Section one deals with the question of philosophy, section two with the question of science, section three with the question of Jesus and section four with the question of the Bible. Perceived objections to God and the Christian faith in these four areas are dealt with accordingly, with the intention of proving the existence of God and the truth of the Christian faith.

The thrust of the book stems clearly from a classical and evidentialist perspective on apologetics. Classical philosophical arguments for the existence of God are given in the first section including the Cosmological Argument (Chapter 1), the Moral Argument (Chapter 2), interaction with the presence of suffering (Chapter 5) and responses to the argument from evil (Chapter 6). Anticipating the next section on science, chapter 4 attempts to repudiate the philosophy/worldview of naturalism as being insufficient to explain the origin of a complex universe (p. 29), and of being unable to prove itself as being true (p. 30).


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