Thursday, June 23, 2011

Contra the Joint FV Profession: Compiled

I have compiled and improved on the series analyzing the Joint FV Profession, with a new conclusion. The position paper can be seen here now.

Here is the added conclusion:

The FV manner of doing theology is dialectical as follows:

  • Utilizing a one-dimensional hermeneutic — As a perceived rejection of Platonism, all manner of talking about church, covenant etc cannot have two ways of speaking about the matter
  • Yet on the other hand, the FV (illegitimately) relegate to “mystery” all irrational expressions that come about through the use of their one dimensional hermeneutics, as being the expression of finitum non capax infinitum.
  • This causes the creation of dialectics: 1) The Kierkegaardian dialectic between decree and covenant, election and reprobation, and 2) The Hegelian dialectic between the visible and invisible church

The FV as a pseudo-Reformed dialectical theology is totally irrational and unbiblical. It embraces irrationality with regards to God-given revelation, yet at the same time rationalistically speculate with regards to the doctrine of God in His intra-trinitarian relationships. It denies the visible/invisible church distinction, the Law/Gospel distinction, Justification by Faith Alone, and the Covenant of Works. Indeed, the FV is a form of Monocovenantal legalism to be avoided at all costs. Amen.

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