Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cross-Examination of Frank: Q6

Q6: Frank, I must thank you for giving revealing answer to the questions. Let’s clarify a few things here.

What would be your advice to a member of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, if he confides in you that he thinks that the church and Pastor Douglas Wilson is not teaching the Gospel?

A6: If someone told me, "As a member o [sic] Christ Church in Moscow, ID, I think Doug Wilson does not preach the Gospel," after I stopped laughing I would ask him if he had spoken to Doug about it.

That is the consistent model of the NT: talk to someone whom you think is going the wrong way.


Sean Gerety said...

Why are Baptists so utterly clueless when it comes to the anti-christian soteriology of the Federal Vision? Almost universally they cannot seem to grasp that faith is not the same as faithfulness or that covenantal nomism is anti-Christian. This is true not just for men like Turk, but James White, John Piper and others like them are equally on the wrong side in the fight over the Gospel. Could it be because Baptists don't understand the Gospel?

Daniel C said...


that's a good question. I wouldn't put James White into that camp though, and he hasn't to my knowledge commented on it.

Anonymous said...

Incredible, but then again, I should not be surprised because that has been Frank's response to every question posed like this. Also, to Sean, I am a Baptist and I assure you I most certainly do understand the Gospel and it lines up exactly with the understanding of Dr. James White who is a Baptist. :-)