Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jim Renihan on New Covenant Theology

I have finally finished the papers and exams for my semester and took some time off. Between now and the start of the winter term, I would be going back to readings as usual.

Anyway, here's a good analysis and critique of the movement known as New Covenant Theology, which I am sure I have addressed before some time back, by Dr. James Renihan in a sermon here. [HT: AOMin]. Having addressed the issue one or two years back, I truly wonder what is the current developmental status of the NCT theologies as they have evolved till now, though I truly have no time to figure out.


Brandon said...

Here's a recent overview posted by an NCT


PuritanReformed said...


interesting overview. Seems that the development is more in terminology than in substance...

As I have commented somewhere, NCT represents the triumph of Biblical Theology over Systematic Theology.

Matthew said...

Renihan raised some good points. However, the weakest part of his presentation was church history. While it is certainly true that NCT doesn't have much in the way of pedigree (aside from anti-sabbatarianism), this is also used against those who adhere to credobaptism, too. After all, there weren't any notable proponents of credobaptism until the Anabaptists, either.

PuritanReformed said...


being a pedobaptist myself, I agree that that is a legitimate question for Dr. Renihan. although I am sure he should have thought about it somehow.

SGBC Cebu said...

Here's a critic on an article by Edwin Trefzger III
"Completed by the Spirit: New Covenant Sanctification in Paul"

By: Jose Francis Martinez


PuritanReformed said...

@SGBC Cebu: