Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homofascism in the rise in Brazil

The Christo-phobic homosexual activists are gearing up their hateful attacks on Christians in Brazil. The sheer amount of vitriol and attacks leveled against Christians are increasing, yet the world is more interested in promoting hatred than in fulfilling their stated mission— persecution of hate crimes. Oh wait, all hate crimes are criminal offences, except if the subject of hatred is Christians and Christianity. Figures!

Recently, as Brazil attempts to pass a "hate crime" bill, which punishes "homophobia" but not "Christo-phobia", MacKenzie Presbyterian University and the Presbyterian Church of Brazil have published a manifesto opposing such a move, a move calculated to criminalize biblical Christianity. This would indeed be something to watch, as one of the economically largest developing country turns more and more liberal. Do pray for righteousness to prevail over the homo-bigots. [The only people more militant in imposing their agenda on people by force are the Islamic terrorists it seems]


Anonymous said...

And I thought that this sort of thing was only happing in Europe and the U.S.! I will certainly pray and keep watch on what's going on in Brazil. I know a few from there, and are presbyterians, so it would be interesting to see what they say about it...

Daniel C said...


it's happening all around the world. The homosexuals in other countries seem to learn that the tactics used in Europe and US are very effective, so they just emulate what works.

The only place where they don't adopt that tactic I guess are the Islamic countries, for obvious reasons.