Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Peter Lumpkins and his infantile "humor"

Peter Lumpkins, a supposed 'mature' Christian Southern Baptist "minister", has proved to everyone how infantile he is with his vicious and deliberate caricature attacking Dr. James White and the Doctrines of Grace. It is extremely regrettable he is not in one of the P&R (Presbyterian and Reformed) denominations, otherwise I am sure charges will be filed against him and he will be subject to church discipline.

Following on from his attack on Dr. White and Reformed theology in the mis-named John 3: 16 conference (which has nothing to do with John 3:16 and everything to do with the Arminian distortion of the true meaning of the text), and then the Ergun Caner fiasco, Lumpkins has decided to continue his personal vendetta attacking Dr. James White and attacking the Doctrines of Grace. 2 years of vitriol — only one group of people can compete with that — the AODMers. I don't know if Lumpkins will be pleased to know the company he seems to be keeping.

Following on from this, while Arminianism in its evangelical form is not heretical, yet Classical Arminianism is. It is even doubtful if Lumpkins is as orthodox as James Arminius. Regardless, his hatred of the doctrines of grace cast doubt on whether he has even received saving grace in the first place, for how can a true son of God knowingly and continually spits upon the grace that saves him?

The Canons of Dordt has this wise saying against such people who behave just like the Remonstrants of that time:

Moreover, the Synod earnestly warns the false accusers themselves to consider how heavy a judgment of God awaits those who give false testimony against so many churches and their confessions, trouble the consciences of the weak, and seek to prejudice the minds of many against the fellowship of true believers. (from Conclusion)

Consider the wrath and mercy of God, Mr. Lumpkins! Consider before you continue on this path you have chosen.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Mr. Lumpkins has shown himself to be someone who despises the doctrines of grace, and being in opposition to it seems to be all he is about. I pray that his focus would be more and more on Christ and His work, than taking pot-shots at Calvinists and Calvinism.

PuritanReformed said...


agreed. If he just focuses on Christ, that would be so much better