Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Crosstalk on the 'New Apostolic Reformaton'

About 1-2 days ago, Ingrid Schlueter in her Crosstalk show did a radio interview with Sarah Leslie regarding the New Apostolic Reformation, or rather deformation. The excellent radio talk show can be accessed here.

The issue of the NAR is rather close to my heart because of its (and the Shepherding/G12 movement) pervasive influence in the churches in Singapore. Many professing Evangelical Christians are deluded by the false teachings heavily promoted in "Christian" bookstores here, with Cindy Jacobs, George Otis, Ed Silvoso, C. Peter Wagner, Rick Joyner etc being almost household names here.

It wasn't very long ago since God delivered me from that mess through Reformed theology, a mess brought about my naive embrace of the Third Wave theology then brought in by my former church (which I why I tend to distrust spiritual leaders nowadays). While grateful to God for His liberating grace, I continue to have a burden to reach those who remain in darkness within the clutches of the NAR and its satellite bodies. It definitely wasn't a nice experience facing the cold-hard silence from God due to my sin (sin in ignorance is still sin) while I was part of the NAR, and I am convinced that true believers in these movements would be tortured day and night in their souls as they face the cold silence from heaven for their continued participation in such heretical movements.

It is my hope that this interview can be used by God to bring believers out of the bondage to these movements. The taste of true freedom and the communion of the Holy Spirit is so much sweeter than any power and influence these movements can offer. For me personally, I wouldn't go back to such darkness for anything in the world; Christ is more than enough for me. What exactly is so enticing about having "spiritual authority" over others to the extent of near total control? Can the goal of spiritual power — of being able to raise the dead — compare with the reality of knowing Christ and to be known by Him? What is the possibility of worldly power in the "church" and the power to "prophecy" and give "words of knowledge", as compared with the joy of serving my King?

May God have mercy and save many from the darkness that is the NAR and its sister movements. Amen.

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