Friday, March 05, 2010

On the Cult-Like Hostile Takeover Tactics of the Purpose-Driven Church Transitioning Seminar

Over at the Fighting for the Faith radio archive page, fellow CRN contributor Christ Roseborough has done and posted a special edition program with regards to the horrendous scheming, manipulative and absolutely unchristian tactics employed by the Purpose Driven paradigm and implemented by Church Transitions Inc., headed by Purpose-driven CEO-"pastor" Dan Southerland. As Roseborough said:

The list of cult-like tactics employed by Southerland is LONG. They include:

  1. Flat out lies and manipulative double speak
  2. Blatant Scripture Twisting
  3. New & Direct Extra Biblical Revelation and Visions from God
  4. Flat out intolerance for anyone who questions or challenges these "new" Extra Biblical Revelations and Visions that are supposedly from God

All of these despicable tactics have been revealed already to the world in Dan Southerland's book Transitioning, which I have previously reviewed here.

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