Monday, November 30, 2009

Misquoted verses: Compiled article

I have just created and uploaded the compiled article containing all the exegesis of the misquoted verses onto my website. It can be found here.


Joe said...

Could you give me your interpratation of this passage, Dan.
2Tim 2:11-13
You can email me or post it

Daniel C said...


sorry for the late reply. With regards to the passage, it is a doxology which focuses on how great and faithful God is to us Christians. By and large the meaning is straightforward, but I am assuming you are having problems between reconciling the second part of verse 12 and verse 13?

I would think that the later part of verse 12 talks about willful rebellion and apostasy, whereas verse 13 talks about our weakness of faith. Note the parallel of the concept of denying Christ with how Jesus Himself used the concept of denial (denying the world etc) and also 2 Peter 2:2 where the motif of denial implies wilful rebellion and apostasy. The concept of faith and faithlessness however ties in with Jesus' teaching in Mt. 17:20 and the man who cries out to Jesus for faith in Mk. 9:24, as being more of our weakness rather than rebellion.