Saturday, May 02, 2009

New Evangelical Calvinism: An Analysis of the Calvinist Resurgence

After much thought, and feedback from my good friend and brother Stephen Macasil, I have finally came up with a paper on the New [Evangelical] Calvinism. The full article has now been uploaded to my website here [removed], of which I will post sections of it in the near future since the subject is clearly important as the New Calvinist train picks up steam.

I have found FIVE points of concern on the New Calvinist movement, some of which are quite serious. They are:

  1. Will we learn from history? — The New Evangelical failure to heed the doctrine of separation
  2. Will we embrace the material principle of the Gospel without embracing the formal principle of Sola Scriptura?
  3. Will we aim for rational and lifestyle consistency?
  4. Will we reject the New Evangelical infatuation with positivity?
  5. Recovering the role of being an ambassador for Christ

In subsequent posts, each of these five points will be further elucidated, and through them, the New Calvinist movement would hopefully be examined in light of Scripture and secondarily through the lens of church history. It is further hoped that the article would show the foundation behind the recent rebuttal to Challies' attack posts and the (rather amateurish) poster I have made.

So stay tuned for the analysis, or read the full article if you cannot wait for them to be posted in parts.

Soli Deo Gloria.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the recent posts on this subject, Daniel. I've found them to be quite helpful. Take care, brother.

Daniel C said...

Dear Lane,

you're welcome. Take care also, bro.