Sunday, October 19, 2008

Poll: Frequently misquoted verses

Frequently misquoted verses

Well, after a long time, it is time to close this poll. Interesting results, though it has a small sample size of 27. It seems that Mt. 7:1, the one on judging, seems to be thought the most misquoted verse in Scripture. I will be looking at all the verses and their proper interpretation in context. For now, here is an article I have penned nearly 4 years ago which shows the proper interpretation of Mt. 7:1 in context (among other verses). In summary, Mt. 7:1 is talking about hypocritical judgment and judgment of motives which are not expressed, and so therefore those who use this verse as a so-called "proof-text" against all forms of judgment do not know the Scriptures and are wrenching the verse out of context.


Joel Tay said...

It is definitely the most misquoted text in Singapore Christian circles! Just try walking up to the average professing Christian on the street and tell them the truth about JP or Rick Warren and see what they say.

Anonymous said...

It took me less than one service to see what JP was all about. I was hoping that he would of been different.

Joel Tay said...

LOL. Try saying that in Singapore and you will get Mat 7:1 stamped all over your face. Haha...

How did you watch him? You're in Singapore? Or youtube?

Daniel C said...


yup, Mt. 7:1 is indeed the most misquoted verse in Evanjellyfish-dom. Oh, and you will meet Ken later tonight; he is in Singapore.

Nathan W. Bingham said...


I just followed you here from your comment over at Reformation Theology.

This was an interesting idea for a poll, and I think the results are rather accurate. Rev 3:20 I hear frequently, and it sends me around the bend. I have even had people firmly attempt to justify "accepting Jesus into your heart" because "Rev 3:20 teaches us to!!"

I've added you to my RSS Reader.

Daniel C said...


thanks. Indeeed Rev. 3:20 is an oft misquoted verse.

Joel Tay said...


If that is not enough, some would even think of it as asking Jesus to reside in a compartment of their heart (literally).

Seriously, how do you expect a non-believer to understand "asking Jesus into your heart".

Maybe we if point out the misuse of Rev 3:20 to them, they will invoke their version of Matt 7:1. HA!

Nathan W. Bingham said...


Isn't the gospel that we get new hearts? I don't think Jesus would be at home in my old sinful and utterly depraved heart anyway.