Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rick Warren Apostate...

I'm personally sick and tired of Rick Warren. This video however is VERY disturbing. See it for yourself (if you are willing to listen to 1 hr+ of talks and dialogue). If not, just read what I am going to say.

After watching this video, I was more than a little disturbed. One cannot exactly fault the unregenerate for talking rubbish about religious pluralism, though it MUST be objected that for an orgaization that supposedly presupposed the separation of Church (Mosque, Temple etc.) and State, they sure are a bunch of hypocrites. To Tony Blair and all those on this panel, and to the WEF (World Economic Forum) in general, stay out of religious issues you have no legitimate business discussing. (What is an interfaith religious forum doing in an ECONOMIC forum anyway?) Otherwise if you continue to violate the separation of Church and State, I don't see any reason why we cannot return the favor and start imposing Theocracy!

Anyway, back to Warren. After listening to all the garbage of "we all must be tolerant except we can be intolerant towards those who refuse to follow us" rhetoric, especially from the Jewish representative, my spirit was very disturbed, and to see that Rick Warren, who calls Himself a "conservative Evangelical Baptist Christian leader", has no problem with it and in fact adds fuel to the fire in his speech, is the final straw. No matter how accomodating and compromising a person may be, how can you sit there and have no problem with all these people blaspheming the name and honor of our God without the Holy Spirit within you protesting against this sacriledge!!? Unless of course, you have so hardened yourself against God that He has left you to your own devices, in your apostasy! Notice how also that instead of the initial 'P' being 'Planting Churches', now it is 'Promoting reconciliation'. Between what, Rick? Between God and Satan? Between true Christianity and the apostate mainline liberals? NEVER!! I rather die than spit on the blood of my Savior. Repent Rick [Warren], or face the fiery wrath of God for your apostasy from the Gospel!

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Anonymous said...

Right next to the apostasy and heresy, his incessant name-dropping just put me off.

Rick Frueh said...


terriergal said...

Thank you Daniel!! I've been saying Rick Warren is an apostate/false teacher for a few years and it's amazing how slow people are to believe it!

kennyo said...

How about that... Rick Warren just sits there passive as these lost and blinded souls in rebellion to God try to figure out a way to solve the problems of the world.

Why didn't Warren stand up and say, "LOOK, YOU ALL HAVE IT WRONG. THE REAL PROBLEM HERE IS YOU ARE UNDER GOD'S WRATH AND MUST REPENT, SEEK CHRIST as the propitiation of your sins and as the ONLY mediator between God and man. Then we can begin to consider how to deal with problems of our world. The real problem is our sin against God.

This video also disturbed me a great deal as I watched Rick Warren laugh and chuckle with these sinners while he shamelessly plugged his book and promoted his "PEACE" plan.

-Kenny O. from

Anonymous said...

hi Daniel, I can relate. I was so disturbed after watching that video I also wrote about it. It is amazing to watch all this happening.

Dave Crochunis said...

not only is P for promoting reconcilliation, but now "GLOBAL WARMING" is now one of the "GLOBAL GIANTS"

Watcher's Lamp said...


Thank you for your courage and boldness in sounding the alarm.

God bless & protect


Daniel C said...


Amen, brother. Just wondering, why didn't he bother to 'drop' the greatest name of all, our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of lords? Oh, we know the answer to that of course...


I agree with your article. There is indeed something terribly wrong when people claim to hold fast to solid truth yet defend those who are blatently going astray against the "attack dogs".


Well, on the one hand, it's sad that people are very slow to see the evidence. On the other hand, pronouncing judgment too fast is not wise either as it may be wrong. So, I think we should rather continue to pray and rejoice when others see the truth about Rick Warren.

Daniel C said...

Kenny O, Loretta:

Amen. It surely does say a lot about the state of a man's soul when he can chuckle and laugh when he hears such blasphemy. The least which he could not EVEN do is to remain silent.


Yeah, it is indeed. I wonder where the letter G will be placed? Perhaps it will be PAGCEE? Nah, sounds strange.


thanks for your encouragement, and may the Lord continue to strengthen you too.

Denise said...

I couldn't agree more, Daniel. I was stunned to learn my church cited Warren's pastor website for stats on purity. I wrote to my elders saying how poisonous Warren is and that he's a false teacher. We ended up meeting with one of our pastors and an intern and I was called judgmental and critical; after all we don't know Rick Warren's heart. I said I do: its money.

Our church won't support his methodology, they said. Methodology? Um this is WAY more than mere logistics. This is a matter of doctrine (and I would say that doctrine is revealed in methodology).

Warren is sneaky and hard to pin down sometimes, because often what he says sounds fine. But as with so many false teachers, many times its what they are NOT saying that also proves them to be wolves in sheep's clothing (no mention of repentance, sin, hell, judgment, wrath of God toward sinners, the cross, the resurrection of Christ).

I'd like to add, that Rick has changed the "P" in PEACE from originally being "Plant churches" to "Partner with churches". I guess now its "Promoting Reconciliation". The Huckster keeps changing his meaning and intention of PEACE---except the bottom line: to promote Warren and error.

Denise said...


I'd like to comment to what you said. Why didn't Warren reject what was being proclaimed? Because he believes in pluralism and his goal is NOT to proclaim the Gospel, but proclaim his blasted PEACE plan (at a Jewish conference recently he did not mention the name of Jesus Christ--to the approval of the Jews--he said there's enough Christians already).

Isn't it interesting how Warren is silent when Christ is disparaged, but he complains about Christians who expose his error?

xhg said...

Hi Denise,

Just curious... I see in your profile that you mentioned Reformed theology as in error.

Care to share a little thought on that?

Dave Crochunis said...

The anagram will get another makeover eventually, just like it's had about 5 so far. It'll probably go something like this. Preach wrong. Everyday And. Care for the Enviornment

vincit omnia veritas said...

Hey Brother Daniel!

I will try to watch the video this weekend ... as you would have realized, our friend Mark is very keen with the "homemaking" issue (which began as a book recommendation!). So I took some time off to reply him, and hopefully, it will settle the issue for him ... but of course, it seems that only a field day at my blog would do the job :) Do you know who is this "Mark" - who could be anyone BUT Mark? He seems to be only interested with the homemaker debate ... very strange. I almost thought he is someone else or related to someone else ;)

I really need to get back to my studies ... and work. How's work now? I'm waiting for you charismatism series!

Yours truly,

Daniel C said...


No, I don't know too much about Mark; he only commented on my blog a fewwww times, and emailed me once, that's all. I would wish he would get an OpenID; at least then identification would be easier.

My series on the Gifts of the Spirit would need wait until this weekend. I AM working, you know =)

Daniel C said...


I get it:

Promote reconciliation (between different religions)
Equip servants leaders (who serve Man not God)
Assist the poor (and the oppressed aka Social 'gospel')
Care for the environment and the sick
Educate the next generation (in the teachings of the New Age)

Anonymous said...

My series on the Gifts of the Spirit would need wait until this weekend. I AM working, you know =)

My hopes have been quashed. :(

Oh well, patience IS a virtue.

MC said...

"Assist the poor (and the oppressed aka Social 'gospel')
Care for the environment and the sick"

Apart from the 'Godlessness' of a purely 'social' gospel, I believe Christians should try to assist the poor and the oppressed and care for the environment and the sick. God would want that

Daniel C said...

Marn Chi:

Yes, but what does that tell us about what the Church as an institute should be concernd about? Should we be concerned about helping the poor as the Church?

Also, you do know that caring for the environment and the sick can mean different things to different people. For example, the stupid thing about CO2 being a pollutant thus cutting CO2 emission is 'caring for the environement' is just rubbish. So even if we want to talk about stewardship of the earth, the way we would go about doing it is most definitely different from the way the unregenerate go about doing it.

MC said...

err.. there will always be poor, but that shouldnt stop us from doing what we can. Same for the environment.

ultimately its about spiritual stuff, but attention needs to be paid to the physical stuff as well, or the gospel we preach might seem a bit hollow especially to those who are in need of physical aid

I would say that in general the church today is probably too unconcerned with helping the poor rather than being too concerned with helping the poor

Daniel C said...


show me ONE scripture where it is stated that the Church as an institute (not individual Christians) is to help the poor, and I am not talking about helping the poor in the church via the diaconate, but of helping the poor outside the church, ie social work.

Regarding the environment, do you believe the Al Gorean myth of CO2 being a pollutant?

MC said...

i think there is some misunderstanding, im not advocating the PEACE plan or PEACE as the purpose of the church. (reconciliation between man and God sounds right though)

im just saying that these aspects are in line with God's will.

also for the environment, i think climate change is a real phenomena and that man's activities are at least partly responsible for contributing to it. i dunno what gore said, but whatever issues he might have raised have probably been around much longer than he has been promoting them. anyway i think CO2 emissions are one of such activities contributing to man's role in climate change. If there is concrete evidence that CO2 does not harm in anyway way, I'd listen, but activities associated with CO2 emissions also pollute in other ways

Daniel C said...

Marn Chi:

With regards to helping the poor, OK then.

With regards to the issue of global warming: firstly, I'm sure you have studied the Carbon cycle before right? So what makes you so sure that there is no negative feedback mechanism to regulate the CO2 levels in the environment? Secondly, the science is disputed. See here for example ( And finally, since all humans beings breath out CO2 on a regular basis, perhaps one good way to cut down on CO2 is to kill some people?

MC said...

i did not say that there are no CO2 feedback mechanisms. (+ there are also not many environmentally friendly ways to kill a lot of pple haha :P)

the article looks pretty good (e.g. i was not aware of saturation effects of CO2)

regardless of whatever planetary warming cycle might (or might not) be going on, i still think man's activities are contributing to climate change, of which global warming is one of them. Weather patterns seem to be more extreme and unpredictable than before, though it could also be slightly exaggerated due to increasing media focus.

i think cutting down on CO2 emissions is gd in terms of conserving fossil fuel resources (whose extraction also contributes to pollution), i dont care too much about CO2 leading to warming actually. Environment has many more impt & urgent aspects like water, animals & habitat conservation, not dumping mecury in the sea, etc..than warming per se

Daniel C said...

Marn Chi:

>Environment has many more impt & urgent aspects like water, animals & habitat conservation, not dumping mecury in the sea, etc..

So why can't we just concentrate on these things, rather than on hyped up unproven threats like 'global warming'?

MC said...

a more serious approach to conservation would be great, theres a lot that can be done fairly easily even in singapore that is not being done. (eg. recycling bins in residential areas such as void decks vs clean & green week campaigns or even 'erp cuts CO2 emissions')

Daniel C said...

Marn Chi:

I'll second that, except for the CO2 emissions. But it's not my focus, and it's not the church's focus.

Anyway, about ERP, are you naive to seriously believe everything our government tell you? ERP is about cutting car traffc and thus CO2 emissions?

MC said...

no la, that quote was jus some ridiculous article i saw in the newspaper so it stuck in my mind and i wrote it down.. i rarely believe or take anything seriously that i see in singapore newspapers anymore

(recycle bins vs [campaign or CO2], not [recycle bin or CO2] vs campaign)