Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rick Warren: The accuser of the brethren

Well, Rick Warren just seem to can't stand having opposition to his social gospel. After facing oppositon from various quarters, he now accuse Christians who oppose him as not being true Christians and churches that do not implement his 5 purposes (according to how he define them, of course) as true churches. According to Chris Rosebrough, that means that

Fulfiling 5 purposes +False doctrine = True church

NOT fulfiling 5 purposes + True doctrine = False church

Go figure this one out. The first equation is proved right by his having 'purpose driven catholics' and 'purpose driven synagogues', and he just said the second one. With more and more rhetoric and polemics being directed against faithful Christians, I guess it is time to just kick Warren out of the visible Church; i.e. disown him. Not considering his various doctrinal errors and compromises too, which can be seen in my book and my review of his 2006 PDC conference message in Singapore here. OK, Rick Warren is from now on, as far as I am concerned, NOT to be considered as a Christian at all (de facto excommonuicated).

[HT: Christian Research Net here and here]


C. W. said...

God Bless you, Daniel for making your stand. I could not agree with you more. It is amazing how "Pastor Rick" can consider himself a "child of light", and do so many of his supposed "great works" in the dark!

Watcher's Lamp said...


Your equation certainly demonstrates the essence of the can't argue with the math

you are welcome at the Watcher's Lamp

God bless & protect

ddd said...

C.K. and Watcher's lamp,

Thanks. God bless you both too.