Monday, June 26, 2006

Book recommandation: The Church Effeminate

After reading through the book The Church Effeminate, edited by John W. Robbins, I have posted excellent excerpts from certain articles in the book as stated and linked below:

Preaching to the heart by Jay E. Adams
The fallibility of ministers by J.C. Ryle
Calvinism and the Church by N.S. McFetridge
The New Babylonian Captivity of the Church by Godwell A. Chan
The Church Irrational by John W. Robbins

Since this is such a good book, I would highly recommand Christians who care about the Church of Jesus Christ to get and read it. You can get it here.

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vincit omnia veritas said...

There are indeed many good books offered by the Trinity Foundation, one of which is this one recommended by Daniel. The Church Effeminate minces no words, and discusses all the so-called "taboo" subjects with the sensitivity of John the Baptist who exclaimed, "You brood of VIPERS, who warned you of the wrath to come?"

Few Christian book stores have the courage to stock up on books like this, for fear of offending their own pockets. In their place are X'mas cards, easter eggs and Precious Moments dollies.

Get this book. It costs just about three happy meals, or two movie tickets, all of which your kids can do without. But get them to understand what needs to be done for the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. And thanks, Daniel, for having the appetite for such strong meat.