Sunday, April 05, 2009

Quote: The heresy of heresy-hunting

Here is an interesting quote taken from a book by Dr. Peter Jones:

It is Satan's sincerest wish that we should never make a negative judgment about those who set out to destroy the Church and its foundations, or who spread deadly heresy and false doctrine. Correspondingly, the real reason that human non-judgmentalism in any form is becoming so fashionable in this age is that it makes the concept of a judging, avenging God seem ridiculous, anachronistic and implausible.

- Alan Morrison, The Serpent, p.200. As cited in Peter Jones, Spirit Wars: Pagan Revival in Christian America (Mukilteo, WA, USA: WinePress Publishing, 1997), p. 74

Sounds familiar? This comes from a section in the book under the heading The Modern Heresy: Heresy-hunting.


BEAST FCD said...
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PuritanReformed said...

Beast FCD:

do you have anything substantial to say? Trolling is not a virtue, and neither is wasting time.

Anonymous said...

The sad product of Van Tillian/Neo-Orthodox theology of paradoxes ...

Now it's public.