Thursday, March 05, 2009

James White's response to Youtube censorship

Dr. White has previously published a Youtube video deconstructing the homofascist remark by actor Sean Penn as he attacked the Christian faith. Unfortunately, the liberal censors in Youtube decided to remove the video, citing "copyright reasons". Dr. White has reposted the video without the short clip with Sean Penn's hateful remarks, and hopefully the liberals cannot find any ridiculous excuse to remove it this time.

I agree with Dr. White as to why the video has been removed, which is a reflection of the classic modus operandi of the Secular Jihadists:

My video was removed because of what I've said. It was a form of censorship based upon Liberalism. And the fact that the Left cannot allow people to disagree with them. They cannot win a debate; they cannot win dialogue; they don't want dialogue, they want monologue. And so to promote their agenda, they have to silence the other side — shout them down, silence them in whatever ways you wish.


How many times have you heard people criticising Christians, because 'you want to go back to the "Inquisition", or the Crusades, or something', as if any Christians would want to do that in the first place. And yet in reality, it's the people on the Left who are imitating the worst of the Inquisitors — those who seek to silence any opposition to the status quo; to the dogmatic definition of the current cultural norms. That is exactly what we see happening in the Left today; that is how Secularism deals with those who challenge its central dogmas.

— James R. White



Matt said...

I agree with much of what Dr White has to say...except, technically, "liberalism" and "censorship" are incompatible. The removal of his video from YouTube may have been the work of those commonly identified with the "Left," but this is the anti-Christian left, not the liberal left. Liberalism says "do and say what you want," not "do and say only certain things."
I say this as a lifelong student of political theory, not as one with any interest in defending leftist politics.

PuritanReformed said...


I agree with you on the technical definition.