Thursday, March 05, 2009 5 more reasons you need to study theology

Following on from his five reasons to study theology, Nathan has came up with a further five reasons to study theology. Reason #1 (or 6) is truly a good reason.

Your thinking will become less individualistic…
Why do you need to study theology? Because as you do, you will realise that you are not the first ever Christian. Great men of God have gone before you. Great minds, great theologians, men who have considered God to a depth that you will likely never achieve, have all gone before you. You will begin to realise that it isn’t all about ‘you’, nor is it all about the men of God who have gone before you. Ultimately, it’s all about your sovereign God, the One who is building His Church (Matthew 16:18).

We must always remember that we are not the only ones who have read, studied and thought through Scripture before, but godly men have gone before us and we build upon their shoulders. While Scripture only is infallible and inerrant, historical theology gives us a headstart and those who ignore the vast body of Christian thought do so to their detriment. We should read such works in light of Scripture, and let Scriptre determine their truthfulness while we sharpen our thoughts on such works.

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