Monday, September 29, 2008

Posts on Apostasy

Over at Pyromaniacs, Phil R. Johnson has posted two posts (here and here) on the issue of apostasy with regards to a former commentator called 'Touchstone'. Certainly very sobering words for thought, and shows us how apostasy starts with moral failures and/or coupled with disbelief in the Word of God and substituting it with the wisdom of Man's philosophy.


Joel Tay said...

A rejection on the authority of scriptures is usually the first step into liberalism as seen in this case (not that he was saved in the first place)

As Trinity Foundation writes, "The Bible alone is the Word of God"

I've used to visit this blog some time back, but have no idea that it was written by you, until CY who is studying at Trinity Theological College mentioned you as someone passionate about theology. I googled it and came back to this website. ;) Small world.

PuritanReformed said...


I agree. Those who reject the authority of Scripture over their lives and especially, in this case, their intellect are already placing themselves on the broad road to destruction and shipwreck of their professed faith.

Are you currently studying in Trinity Theological College? Small world indeed.