Sunday, September 21, 2008

A "Fresh Fire" for the Assemblies of God churches in Singapore?

I wonder what the Assemblies of God denomination in Singapore is doing.

Come November 2008, the AOGS will be organizing a Fresh Fire Conference to mark the 80th anniversary of the AOGS to “catch the fresh fire of the Lord – one that is greater than what we have experienced before.” The speakers include female apostle Naomi Dowdy (formerly from Trinity Christian Centre), Kong Hee (City Harvest Church), two other female reverends, and a healer/prophet. The conference organizers “believe that the Lord will release a fresh prophetic word over the AOG churches as well as other churches in Singapore and release His anointing in a brand new way.”

So the AoG in Singapore are now embracing the New Apostolic Deformation 'Reformation' and the Word-Faith cult? What exactly does AoG Singapore wants to accomplish through this? Imitate Todd Bentley whose ministries is called Fresh Fire Ministries?

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Andreas Pilipus said...

Hi, a blog which I read have brought me to your blog. :)
Maybe you should make friends with AOG's members and ask them what they are trying to do. :)

PuritanReformed said...


the questions were meant as satire. I do have friends in AoG churches and the one I talked to is boycotting the event.

I have seen on your blog that you are in Trinity Theological College, and had made a religious pilgrimage to Taize. I would like to ask you these questions:

1) Do you see Roman Catholics/Esatern Orthodox etc. as brothers and sisters in Christ?
2) What are your views on Christian mysticism a la Contemplative Meditation/ Centering Prayer and the Desert Fathers?