Monday, September 15, 2008

Interesting quotes that are a sad indictment on "evangelical" Christianity

David Servant has posted the article Three Lessons from Lakeland in which he has extracted three lessons to learn from that fiasco. Going off on a tangent however, here are two quotes which are a sad indictment of the contemporary "Evangelical" scene (not just limited to the Charismatics by the way)

One lesson we can all learn from Lakeland is that you can toss out the gospel found in the Bible, kick and punch people who are seeking healing, regularly chat with angels with names like “Winds of Change” and “Emma,” act like a drunken fool, transfer your anointing so that others can spread these blessings around the globe, repeatedly exaggerate and lie, gain riches in the process, and be a successful minister in the U.S. But whatever you do, don’t divorce your wife. That could ruin you (at least temporarily).

It is very very sad that Christians behave exactly like the world in this regard. Heresies of all kinds are allowed to be taught, but anytime you commit one of the "big" moral sins (in this case divorce), you are done for. This is not to say that divorce is a small thing; the moral outrage at Bentley's unfaithfulness is justifiable But why, oh why, is it that we have our pet sins, the new "sins against the Holy Spirit", which when committed ruin a minister, but the much more pernicious and damnable sins of heresy are allowed to be committed with impunity from the pulpit, and God's people are not outraged!!??! Not even a fraction of outrage will you get from promoting heresy as compared to any type of moral failing?


What is the motive of those whom God has not called to be apostles or prophets yet who claim to be apostles and prophets? It can only be pride and self-exaltation. For this reason, thousands of ministers in North America and elsewhere are seeking titles and joining organizations like the International Coalition of Apostles (where membership dues are $650 per year). They want recognition, and so they play a more subtle version of the child's game King of the Hill. It wasn't too long ago that these self-promoters were vying only for the title of "bishop."

Nothing much to add here, except to note the latest advertisement from "apostle" Chuck Pierce for a product which was used in Bentley's "anointing" service.

Be Revived Anointing Oil and Candle Set

Revival is in the Earth’s atmosphere! Because the anointing breaks the yoke, we have sought the Lord on the ingredients needed for a revival fire anointing oil and candle. The first aspect of Be Revived is “awakening”. We use costmary, an original herb used by the colonists to stay alert and awake. The second ingredient we incorporate is pomegranate, representing healing, overcoming and prosperity. The third ingredient is “harvest”. This is a mixture of botanicals which represent the fullness of unlocking the harvest fields. There is a boldness that God is bringing on His people to pray over others. We must come alive and be bold witnesses in this hour. Be revived and use these resources to “break the yoke” as you minister to others.Candle with 1 oz. Anointing Oil Roll-on is $20 (regularly $22)

I guess such blasphemy speaks for itself. Sometimes I guess it hurts so much to see such blasphemy that the only sane response left is satire.

[HT: End Times Prophetic]


Tartanarmy said...

The normal person out in the world is closer to the Kingdom than these kinds of folks. That I am sure of.

In fact, ask people on the street what they think of such things and you will be saying Amen with them as I do.


PuritanReformed said...


=). I agree.

Anonymous said...

My dad once called Bentley's ministry in Canada and his dad told my dad that he(bentley's dad) went to heaven last night for the first time....crazy stuff!

PuritanReformed said...


yup, Bentley got operated by angels too... Oh well, it is over for him for now.