Friday, April 07, 2006

Total meltdown of Troy Brooks

OK, this will be my last post on the Pelagian gnostic heretic Troy Brooks. He has posted a reply on his heretical website here to the overview of our correspondence posted at my website here as mentioned in my last blog post. In this post, I will show his utter meltdown in utter irrationality and moral, spiritual, epistemological and intellectual bankruptcy.

[Note: Readers are advised to read the correspondence first before reading this]

Note: Since Troy has shown himself to be a obstinate unregenerate heretic, it is therefore proper for me to apply Scriptural language and condemnation to him, and I will use it in this post. Those of you who may feel that it is too harsh please first read the correspondence, then furthermore note that Jesus call the Pharisees whitewashed tombs (Mt. 23:27), and Paul called the unbelievers fools (Rom. 1:22), which could be legitimately translated as moron as well. Addenum: More concerned readers could perhaps read this article here.

I will now show the utter moral, spiritual and intellectual bankruptcy of Troy Brooks. Not content with letting me post our correspondence without his final input, he has posted his reply and slandered me and asaulted my character, my salvation and my God, the Holy One of Israel. I will not refute him further here but will expose clearly his major errors in basic reasoning, not even doctrine, which make him totally unfit to say anything at all.

Here are the crimes which that heretic committed:

1) Straw man argumentation

That heretic thinks he knows my position, but he doesn't. Despite constant reminders by me, he insists on telling me what I believe and what I don't. To illustrate this, here is a sample conversation:

Daniel: I believe that this thing is red Troy: You stupid! This thing is green, not blue. D: I said that I believe that this thing is red. I didn't say that it was blue! T: You heretic. Now you will go to hell for your belief that the thing is blue.

etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum.

Only people as stupid as Troy, or those worse than him, can keep on committing this error, over and over again, ad nauseum.

2) Redefinition of words

Troy is also in the reprehensible practice of redefining terms. For example, he redefine 'sanctification' to 'consecration', totally ignoring how the terms have been used for the last few centuries. He also redefine 'libertarian free will', also totally ignoring how the term has been used throughout the centuries. Again, here is a simple conversation to aptly illustrate this:

T: I frighten my friend today with an expensive gift for his birthday D: You mean you surprise him? T: What are you talking about? I frighten him. You stop surprising me. D: Surprise you? T: Yes. I do not fall victim to your surprise. D: What surprise? T: What you are trying to do now. Trying to bluff me.

Here, for 'Troy', frighten is redefind to mean surprise and surprise is redefined to mean deception.

With such redefinition of words and concepts, it is all but impossible to communicate.

3) Contradictory accusations

In his reply rant, Troy called me a Pelagian. First he called me an unsaved Calvinist; now I am a Pelagian? Wow.... so I am both a non-Calvinist (Pelagian) and a Calvinist at the same time. Give me a break, Troy. You are showing forth your utter stupidity and irrationality. I wonder if he has ever heard of the law of non-contradiction at all. Judging by his irrational rantings and ravings, I doubt so!

In conclusion, I have pointed out the major flaws of basic reasoning in this irrational person. Troy also has poor English which seems to be roughly equivalent to that of a Grade 3 (Primary 3) child or worse, similar to his reasoning skills. To such a heretic, just stop your arrogant, pompous, judgmental attitude and I don't need your so-called 'love', which is nothing but hate for whoever you engage. Your pathetic attempts at attacking the doctrines of grace and the doctrine of original sin don't deserve a serious look, when you can't even get your facts right and your reasoning right.

So Troy, carry on your ranting and raving if you so wish. Oh, one more thing, I doubt if you are in a church anyway, judging by your unteacheable and arrogant attitude.

PS: I find it very revealing that his so-called conversion experience is based purely on emotions, and of his experience 'in the Holy Spirit', as if his spirit reaches the third heaven, yet he denounced the Pentecostals/ Charismatics as being heretics, and especially Matt Slick of CARM due to his belief in the present day operation of all the spiritual gifts.

PPS: Notice from his testimony how many I's are there. There are about 14 I's in just two short paragraphs telling of his 'conversion experience'. Talk about self-centeredness. Salvation is all about him - "Me, myself and I"

PPPS: For Pelgians like Troy, one wonders if he ever prays to God for the salvation of others. According to his philosophy, he shouldn't, since God is doing all he can to save everyone anyway. This also applies to Arminians, btw. Unles you acknowledge the sovereignty of God in salvation, there is no point whatsoever in praying to God for the salvation of others. Like Troy's pathetic god who just pleads like a beggar for anyone to accept him, and just wranggling his hands because he can do nothing to save those he died for, and in the end, the vast majority goes to hell regardless that their sins are supposedly atoned for by Christ, yet they mst repay the penalty again in hell even though Christ has already paid once for all their sins (so in fact Christ did not atone for their sins, for it is impossible to pay the penalty for sins twice, unless of course, all do go to heaven?).

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