Friday, April 07, 2006

Correspondence with a Pelagian heretic

I did say that I going to take my exam break. Unfortunately, some things did hapen which took place not at the best time, which leads to this post.

Basically, I had an email feedback from someone who read an article on my website regarding the difference between the Arminian doctrine of Once saved, always saved (OSAS) and the Calvinistic doctrine of the Perseverance of the Saints. He wasn't very happy over it, to say the least, and emailed me, leading to a correspondence which lasted two days and only a few posts, but was very long in terms of content, to say the least.

The correspondence is found here. I was rather exasperated by the guy Troy Brooks' utter and constant inability to represent me and my position correctly. To put it very nicely, I am fed up with his constant derogatory, judgmental, pharisiatical insults and attitude. His poor English didn't help either.

Anyway, I have managed to see his true colors as he has revealed them during the email exchange. I have shown that he denies original sin and thinks that nobody deserves to go to hell because of their sin. He is therefore a Pelagian heretic (and not a OSAS Arminian as he claims to be). As such, he is not a Christian and is one of the false teachers in this world.

It is my hope that this exchange would be edifying to its readers by showing forth the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and also that heresies and errors as espoused by Troy Brooks be illuminated by the true light of the Gospel and seen as what it is. Also, readers do take note of this false prophet in our midst, and warn others against him and his heresies.

[Oh, and by the way, Troy can also be classified as a hyper-Arminian, since he believes that only people who believe the same as what he claims he believes in (OSAS Arminianism or 4-point Arminianism) are saved and all others are damned.]

So readers, do tell me what do you think of Troy Brooks and/or our exchange.


Scott said...

I hold to the classical Arminian theology, but I have not problem with reformed theology. Mr. Brooks has made his presence known on a site I belong too where all theologies are discussed.

Just thought you would be interested in knowing that he hasn't changed one bit. James Arminius would roll over in his grave for what this guy is representing as arminian.


ddd said...

Hello Scott,

I agree with what you say. Even though I strongly disagree with Arminianism, especially the classical variety, I have more respect for any true Arminian than Brooks the Pelagian. Arminius will have nothing whatsoever to do with this guy. Also, Brooks' attitude is so rotten that I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't managed to offend everyone who doesn't hold to his position.

Honestly speaking, I'm be surprised if he does in fact change. That would indeed be a miracle of God.