Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Musings: Interesting statistics

I jst have a look at the statistical data of the people who frequent both my website and my blog. Here is what I saw, as of today April the 5th:

Fig.1: Visitor statistics for my blog according to country

Fig. 2: Visitor statistis for my personal website according to country

Fig. 3: Recent most frequented webpages on my website

This looks interesting. (The visitor count is not correct, btw, since my log size is only 100 per site and therefore only a random sample of 100 visitors were used.) It seems that my blog attracts mainly Singaporeans while my personal website attracts a significantly large number of Americans. Also, judging from the popular pages on my website, it seems that the article on whether judging is correct seems to be the most popular, followed by my review of Richard Abanes' book Rick Warren and the Purpose that Drives him, and then my review of Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life itself (nevermind my home page). As I have said, interesting.

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