Monday, February 27, 2006

Quotable quote...

This is from Dr. James R. White's latest blog article written on the 26th Feb 2006, which is somewhat related to the blog series (which I will continue when I have the time) and definitely relavant to the sad state of what poses as evangelicalism today.

"Do you [any Christian minister] pull back on those elements of God's truth that are the most offensive to the natural man because you do not wish to see that disdainful look, that annoyed shaking of the head? Do you really distrust the ministry of the Spirit to make the Word of Christ to come alive in the hearts and minds of Christ's sheep, so that you do not need to worry about those who find offense at His truth? Or have you embraced the spirit of the age which places man's fragile emotions upon the seat of prominence, and have bought into the idea that to be "loving" means to never give offense to anyone (well, except for God--it is fine to offend Him by thinking yourself so wise you can edit out what shouldn't be in the gospel in our day)?" (Bold added for relevant portion)

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