Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hypocrisy of the governments of the world

With regards to the cartoon riots (See my pervious post here), I would just like to show the hypocrisy of the governments of the world. At the moment, the US state department has condemned the publications of the cartoons, saying it is inappropriate, to say the least. However, their hypocrisy is glaring. As Dr. James R. White has pointed out in his blog post, publications of materials blaspheming the Christian faith is exempt from such censure. As a Singaporen, I am sad to say that our goverment is similarly hypocritical. Where is the voice of the goverments of the world condemning Dan Brown and folks for attacking Christianity? Is it because these governments will only respect those who use force and violence to protest against the violation of their religious sensitivities, if any. The contrast is just striking between how those fundamentalist Islamofascists react and how Christian react when our faith is assaulted.

I do not intend for this blog to be of a political nature, but when religion and politics meet, then comment is needed. Anyway, for all these governments, especially my own, if you are REALLY sincere in saying that we should respect other religions, then I would ask you to immediately ban the Da Vinci Code, both book and movie, from your country now, otherwise you stand condemned as a hypocrite.

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