Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Things to do for the New Year


The New Year has just recently passed. I don't really like New Year resolutions as the whole thing is just sort of arbitary, but of course it is just a way for us to count time and the resolutions are to help us to strive towards some goal. For me, the only resolution to make is to continue to grow in Christ and to mature in Christ-likeness in every aspect — spiritual, intellectual, emotional, relational etc. Also, in the short term, to finish up this whole unfinished business regarding Warren's Purpose Driven Life. (If I hear his name again, I may just well gag)

Finally, for things to do for this New Year, my next target will be Dan Brown and his nonsense which is coming to the screen this May (Yep, the Da Vinci Code). I have never heard a person sprout so much nonsense in one novel before. Anyway, Lord willing, that will be my main focus for the next half year or so.

Even more immediately, I will be reviewing an anti-Calvinist sermon by a Singapore pastor. I have only thus far heard others do this on American pastors but I have never expected myself to hear and do the same. Hmm.... how events come and go. Lord willing, I would finish it before the end of this week, before school officially starts.

Daniel Chew.

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