Friday, December 30, 2005

Short reflection on Uni Metamorphosis camp

Just a short reflection on the University Metamorphosis camp conducted by Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ (SCCC) which I have attended from the 26th Dec, Monday to the 30th Dec, Friday.

First, regarding this camp, I am pleased with the fact that Crusade have switched to theological eqquipping instead of the usual ministry equipping which occurred in the previous at least 2 Metamorphosis which I have also attended. This is not to denigrate ministry equipping, but the sad, sorry fact is that the churches in Singapore in general are not doing their job of teaching the flock of Christ, as also in places like America, and therefore we have a lot of shallow Christians around. Without a solid foundation, how can one do anything, much less ministry? It is thus commendable that Singapore Campus Crusade has seen the problem in the churches and is trying to rectify it. (Btw, the theme verse for this year's camp was Col. 2:6-7 — So then, just as you received Jesus Chrsit as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strenghtened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness)

Personally, I am ministered to by the Holy Spirit during this camp, especially by the messages by His servant Rich Miller. The Holy Spirit has illuminate and shown me the hurts and bitterness still left unresolved from my clash with my former church's leaders over their doctrinal compromise then, and bring me to repent of these attitudes and to turn to Christ alone, the Physician of our souls.

With regards to the TED (Theological Equipping for Disciples), I attended the package History Unfolds: God's redemptive plan, taught by SCCC's campus director Lam Kok Hiang. He taught a premillinium dispensationalist model, understandable since he graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary. Notwithstanding my disagreement with this scheme of things (I am oscillating between the three views as I have not studied them in great enough details to make a judgment, but I AM definitely against dispensationalism), it was good understanding the theory and the exploration of the different Covenents was interesting.

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