Monday, December 12, 2005

An introduction

Hello, I'm launching this blog, mainly so as to allow people to (re)read the past articles that I have send them, and also allowing me not to lose the links to these good articles. This is because I am in the habit of sending links of good articles in emails and then deleting them myself. Another reason why I set up this blog is so that people can interact with the articles and comment on them easier if they so desire to.

This blog will thus serve as my personal blog and I will be commenting on issues pertaining to the Church of Jesus Christ as they come up, together with perhaps some personal musings, though I am not known for my humour in formal settings, which I generally regard the written medium to be. As such, this blog will complement my website which is at .

With regards to rules, they will be minimal. No profanity will be allowed here, regardless whether the full term is used or it is coded. There will be no character assasination tolerated here. Respect is to be shown to all, though heated arguments are not discouraged.

As I'm a rather busy person, do not expect me to post here daily. I will post as and when I have something to post, something of qulity of course. I don't believe in wasting web space with trash, by the way =P

Looking forward to seeing all of you.

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