Thursday, December 22, 2005

Reflection over the Committee retreat

I have just came back from a 2 Day, 1 Night Singapore NUS (Science) Campus Crusade Committee retreat, as I am involved in the Discipleship Committee there. It was very good, as the Servant Team (ST) shared with us their big-picture overview for the next semester as we labour on to disciple the crusaders and evangelize our campus for Christ. Also, we were told about the plans we have for sharing the Gospel in the context of the Da Vinci Code, as the movie based on this blasphemous, historical revisionist nonsense of a book hits the shores of Singapore. The idea is to transform this dark movement into an opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel to the non-Christians in campus. We also have extended time of committee planning, and prayer and praise.

Anyway, I truly admire the servant hearts of the ST. A life which humbly submits itself to the Lord is self-evident to the people of God, who have likewise tasted of the goodness and of the presence of God in their lives. Nothing is more beautiful than a life totally submitted to the Lordship of Christ and living in the power of the Holy Spirit. Knowing from experience the labor of leaders, mostly done behind the screens, I must take my hat off to them for going this far and displaying the type of maturity one expects to see in the leaders of the Church [This is talking about character only]. If only we have more of such leaders in the church, instead of some egoistic leaders running their own empires like Bill Hybels (see the next post above). It has been an honor serving alongside them for the ministry, although I must admit I am far from being dedicated to the ministry, due to the many issues I have been facing like the Purpose Driven Life and the hurt I have received from my previous church leading to a lack of trust for people who call themselves Christians. Another reason why this is so is that, as I dwell in the Word of Christ, I have grown in a different direction from modern Singaporean mainline Christianity as a whole. For example, I am a Calvinist, while mainline Singaporean Christianity is anti-intellectual Cal-minianism.

Anyway, if any of the STs do read this blog article, I can't thank you enough for your service unto the Lord our God. You are truly our heros for the NUS science ministry.

PS. From what I can see, Campus Crusade in particular and the churches and Christian organisations in general in Singapore have not descended too much down the new 'Downgrade' compared to the American churches are mostly falling into rank apostacy. For this, I am grateful, that Christ has preserved us and kept us from falling too far from him, unlike the situation in the American churches.

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