Sunday, June 21, 2009

The problem of Israel...

Here is an interesting article on the topic of Israel from a balanced and Reformed perspective.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I only recently briefly read about Islam's view on its spheres of influence in Making War in the Name of God (which you may be interested to read).

Also, what are your personal views on Israel? Doesn't the Bible also say that in the last days, God will bring Israel back to her land?

PuritanReformed said...


I am still rather ambivalent on the topic of Israel. I was brought up Dispensational, but now am not. On the one hand, the anti-semitic propaganda against Israel and the Jews disgusts me, as well as the de facto "replacement theology" espoused by many in the various segments of the Visible Church. On the other, the "Christian Zionism" and Dual Covenant theology of ultra-Dispensationalist John Hagee and co. are a put-off.

With regards to whether the Bible did prophesied the return of Israel to her land by God in 1949, I am not convinced of the proof, especially since they are produced by some very neat mathematical gymnastics (if I'm not wrong, it is like 300+ years times 7 because of Israel's disobedience or something like that). All these "proofs" arise from a Dispensational hermeneutic, and as such I am skeptical of all of them.

My current position is that Israel should be supported politically, but not religiously. Missionaries should be sent to both Israel and her enemies to bring them all to repentance and faith in Christ. Only the Gospel can bring peace between the warring factions.