Sunday, June 21, 2009

List for the rebuttal of Neo-Amyraldian quote mining

Here is a list of the few quotes that have been shown to be misquoted by the Neo-Amyraldians, which I have exposed on my blog some time back.

John Calvin on Rom. 2:4, by Tony Byrne

John Flavel on Rom. 2:4, by Tony Byrne

John Howe on Rom. 2:4 and God's Kind Intention, by Tony Byrne

All three posts have been refuted by me in my blog post On the Common Grace controversy — Or a Rebuttal of Tony Byrne's misquotation of their words.

Bunyan on General Love and Grace, by Tony Byrne

This has been repudiated here. Tony has attempted a response, which I will address in due time.

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