Saturday, May 31, 2008

A slight ammedment to the chart

Well, I have added a small postscript to the logical deductive chart proving that Rick Warren has denied (through his works) the Gospel, after my interaction with people on the CRN.(mis)info site. Here is it:

It may be objected that the to move from the premise "Roman Catholics who are in communion and faithfulness to Roman Catholicism represent Roman Catholicism, especially when they are doing something as Roman Catholics" to the intermediate conclusion "If a person affirms Roman Catholics as Roman Catholics in Roman Catholicism as brothers and sisters in Christ, when not under compulsion, then he/she believes that Roman Catholicism is a legitimate group" is invalid, and thus needing another premise along the lines of "Affirming someone of a religious sect, qua as being part of that sect, is a sufficient condition for evincing a belief in the complete propriety and total legitimacy of the religious sect, notwithstanding specific variations that inevitably occur between “legitimate and willing members” and the official doctrinal proclamations of the sect" is needed. To that, I can agree, and the reason why this is omitted is because this unwritten premise is a truism (which is self-evidently true). The idea here is that such an affirmation is not affirming the persons as human beings, men, women, Americans, Singaporeans or whatever these people may be, but as to their corporate identity/status as part of that group, which in this case refers to Roman Catholicism. Therefore, there is a world of difference between affirming Roman Catholics as human beings, as friendly neighbors, as kind colleagues and friends, as compared to as Roman Catholics. When you affirm them as Roman Catholics, then you are already talking about Roman Catholicism sans any reference to any other aspects of the individuals who are Roman Catholics, since all other references to the individuals are not affirmed here but only their Roman Catholicism. Therefore, the argument remains sound.

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