Friday, May 30, 2008

Beware Todd Bentley

I hesistate to place this post under the heading Charismatism, for I am sure Charismatics would denounce this even. But then, I may be wrong, and most definitely Charismatism has contributed to the foundation for the acting out of this abomination.

See these videos:

Demonic possession, yours to watch on Youtube:-

Todd Bentley: Messenger of God? — part 1

part 2

What possesses Todd Bentley?

Hear the demonic laughter of that madman, not to mention the shaking.

Bentley further told of how he was demon possessed after his salvation:

He claims to be delivered from the demons; I think rather that he has just traded one set of demons with another. Most certainly, he is not saved, as no true believer can be possessed by demons. Neither will true believers have demonic visions of being operated by and tormented.

Oh, and this just beats the cake! Bentley has his own ministry [of assault]. You know, the way to heal old ladies is to kick them in their faces with your biker boot. Yeah, right.

I feel a spirit of oppression just by looking at all these clips. Bentley is obviously demonically possessed, and it is saddening to see people with so little discernment as to think it is a work of God.

[HT: Defending.Contending, Truth Matters, Christian Research Service]


Anonymous said...

I've seen that last video some time ago, and I am AMAZED that people still believe in this man after all that jazz.

NOWHERE in the Bible will you find healing in such manner, nor any teaching to do so!

PuritanReformed said...


I think it is called: Man loves darkness rather than light.

Laura said...

I absolutely agree with you here -- with one exception being: don't be so sure about even charismatics denouncing him. I have three acquaintances from all parts of the world who are charismatics and they watch him every single night and are trying to spread the world to all they know about the "great works" that he is performing.

PuritanReformed said...


I'm sure there are many charismatics who are gullible. That said, I would like to give charismatics in general the benefit of the doubt. =)