Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rick Warren and Apostate Christianity

Well, it seems that Rick Warren has been at it again. This time round, Warren displays his totally man-centered approach to ministry (Try seeing if you can find any Scripture that is being quoted as he gave his opinion on ministry). And if Warren is correct in saying that "if it weren't for the growth that's taking place in church plants and megachurches, Christianity would be declining", then as Jim at Watcher's Lamp says, the US Church is D.O.A — Dead on Apostasy.

Somewhere in this video clip, Warren tells of his experience of being invited to speak at the Word-faith heretic David (Paul) Yonggi Cho's church to a bunch of pastors, and they told him that "they were not reaching the next generation". Warren uses that example to say that prayer is not enough, because the Koreans despite being so prayerful are not seeing much growth in their churches. May I suggest that the reason why this is so is because the Korean Church as a whole has sold-out the Gospel. What is the use of prayer when the largest "church" in Korea teaches the (oc)cultic teaching of the Word-faith heresy; another Gospel indeed? All the ra-ra and engineered excitement as seen in the well-intentioned but misguided CM2007 project cannot geniunely grow the Church of God. Rather, the command now and has ever been to the Korean Church is to repent of her tolerance of heresy within her midst. Start by denouncing Yonggi Cho as a heretic for starters, and repent of all the compromise that you have engaged in (such as having women pastors and elders for one). The Holy Spirit is grieved by the continuing compromise and will not continue to bless the Korean Church if she continues in her waywardness.

[HT: Christian Resarch Net, Watcher's Lamp]

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