Saturday, April 26, 2008

Resource on learning Greek

I have been busy reading quite some books recently, and I have recently spend another SGD300+ buying various books. So, anyway, I have gotten an interesting book from my previous purchase.

I would be slowly going through this introductory book so that I can learn and not just browse through it. After all, it's another language. Looks rather interesting though. (I've just finished the alphabet, the pronunciation of the alphabets, the accents and the breath marks). And it is linked to Miami International School, which do offer some courses for credit also. So this DOES indeed look interesting. As a side comment, my brief 2 year exposure to German (I've since forgotten most of it by now) would help, especially with the pronunciation part. Υ (υ) is pronounced very similar to the German pronunciation of üpsilon (Y), and especially the first syllable (mit der umlaut).

Oh, I will continue with the charismata series soon, Lord willing.

P.S. Yes, I am still working full-time and NOT in full-time ministry, so I wouldn't be that fast.

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