Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On Newton Life Church and the Neo-evangelical compromise

It seems that our *dear* Rev. Rick Warren, the false teacher who continues deceiving millions through his purpose driven enterprise, is coming (probably has arrived already) to Singapore and is having a 2 days Purpose Driven conference held at Newton Life Church from the 6th - 7th July 2006, organized by "Purpose Driven Ministries Singapore, in partnership with Campus Crusade Asia Ltd-Mass Media & Newton Life Church", according to the website. Well, this marks Newton Life Church as being complicit in Rick Warren's errors and it will be held accountable for giving this false teacher a platform for deceiving God's people. With the introduction of Rick Warren's errors, it wouldn't be long before the Singapore churches go down the drain, and by that I mean the so-called conservative Evangelical churches in Singapore.


wenxian said...

Hello daniel,

Some things i found out: Trinity Christian Centre [red building at adam road] is also involved with the same level of participation in this event. Hence, it is also going down the drain. So please take note of this with regard to further issues with these churches.

This church has been the target of my suspiscions for quite some time: one of my brothers is now lost to this church as it preaches a 'power weekend' every 2 weeks - it mocks God as it treats God as someone who must perform a miracle every 2 weeks - like a recuited magician.

Sigh - and this brother is one in which i love a lot. But he is lost and i do not know how to ever see him again.

Another thing: Campus Media is the last place you should seek a publisher: they were the ones who are the main orgainsers who invited Rick Warren here in the first place. The top leadership there: [i.e. the staff who are at the management level] have shown their clear lack of discernment and love of human affirmation by doing this.

They will be judged accordingly - so it is obvious they will deliberately ignore your book: it speaks the clear truth and they, being in the darkness, try to hide and of course detest it. Whats more, by printing the book, they will also damage their pride. I believe you can find more reliable publishers elsewhere.

ddd said...

Hello Wenxian,

nope, I am not finding Crusade publishers to publish my book. Whatever gave you that idea? Hmmm... At present, I have a contract with Xulon Publishers to publish my book.

With regards to Trinity Christian Center, I would abstaining from commenting as I do not know enough about that church except for certain snippets here and there. But certainly, I am suspicious of what is going on in there.

(Btw, we do know of one sister formerly in Crusade who is inside TCC. Hmmm...)

wenxian said...

sorry about that - i was mistaken that you were approaching campus crusade media.

I tot you printed the book for huilin to publish - sorry for the misunderstanding =)

As for TCC suspicions, do KIV me about it - if it warrants action, i may have to approach my friend quickly and tell him the truth.