Saturday, March 26, 2016

The sin of reverse racism among segments of black people

[First, note the title. It's not ALL black people, but SOME.]

Dr. White has recently responded in his Dividing Line podcast to the false accusations of racism that were charged at him. As a non-white and an outsider to the American situation, I would think I have a third party perspective to this whole controversy over race, which I find ridiculous. In Singapore where I grew up, we have 4 main "races": Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian, and we get along rather fine. What I find ludicious about the whole "conversation" about race in the US is the binary it produces: that there are only "Whites" and "Blacks." "Whites" have the white man burden of proving they are not racist (which is again, why?), while "blacks" seem to get a free pass as being the default victim class. Just by stating this, we can see a whole host of problems. First, why the racial binary? How about other races like Korean-American, Chinese-American, and so on? And just in case one is tempted to lump them into one "colored" category, well, that is just plain ridiculous! The different "colored" people do not necessarily get along, and they do not necessarily see themselves as one monolithic bloc called "colored." I'm sorry if I actually believed in racial diversity! Chinese-Americans and Korean-Americans are not the same, and I refuse to treat them as one and the same thing!

Second, whence come the idea that "whites" have a burden to prove a negative, i.e. that they are not racists? Modern whites are not guilty of slavery or anything, and whoever wants to bring up the past only proves they are disregarding Scripture altogether, which states that "The son shall not suffer for the iniquity of the father, nor the father suffer for the iniquity of the son" (Ezek. 18:20). I don't care if it was even just a generation away. Scriptures does not give anyone the right to make the sons pay for the sins of the fathers. And likewise, Scripture nowhere claims a special privilege to those whose ancestors were oppressed. To claim such nonsense is essentially to buy into the heresy of black liberation theology. [And just by the way, the author Doron is a brother who happens to be black, and he sees the issue clearer than evidently some who call themselves Reformed]

So in response to Dr. White, here comes an article by the supposed Reformed African American Network (RAAN), which is just plain sad. The article perpetuates the false binary of white/black again, and falsely accused Dr. White of what he did not do. Contrary to Ekemini Uwan, Dr. White did NOT "castigate and dehumanize black people." This breaking of the 9th commandment is astonishing coming from an organization that claims to be Reformed. When Voddie Baucham addresses the problems in the black community, did he "castigate and dehumanize black people"? I'm sorry, do blacks have a free pass on breaking God's commandment concerning marriage and family? Is RAAN somehow suggesting that black people do not have to obey God's moral law?!

Uwan whined about the "labels" that have been ascribed to people like her. I'm sorry, but perhaps she might want to consider if they actually are true. Labels are only wrong if they are false labels, but what if the label does in fact stick? This article by hers has not proven to me anything but that she has no qualms in violating the 9th commandment against an ordained minister of God, and perpetuating the victimization mentality among the black community.

Racism is the sin that one's ethnicity and/or skin color makes ones superior or inferior to another person from a different ethnicity and/or skin color. Reverse racism is the sin that one's ethnicity and/or skin color makes one the perpetual victim of anyone from a particular ethnicity and/or skin color whose words and actions are racist by default, unless proven otherwise. It is a twisted form of racism, for one claims special status (superiority) because of one's race (i.e. black), a special status of the victim of racism. In this twisted way of thinking, the true racist (the reverse racist) paints himself as the victim of others' racism, and thus proves his racial superiority. And who cares about facts? For the reverse racist, whites are racist unless proven otherwise, and the way for whites to not be racist is to agree that they are all racists and need to constantly take the black man's (or woman's) side in any dispute where race is brought into the picture.

It is sad that RAAN, a supposed Reformed oranization, would promote such drivel. Brother Doron was from Masters, which only proves a further rebuke to the supposed Reformed organization. RAAN needs to repent of its attack on Dr. White, and stop promoting violations of the 9th commandment against ordained ministers of the Gospel.


Unknown said...

"As a non-white and an outsider to the American situation, I would think I have a third party perspective to this whole controversy over race, which I find ridiculous."

Let me start by saying that your right that you have a perspective as an outsider. And we agree that this whole issue of race in America is absolutely ridiculous. I envoy your nations ability to get along in spite of your difference's.

It was evident from the beginning and through out your piece, that you are an outsider. Due to time I'm not going to be able to get into great details. You seem to have no understanding of the race issues in this country, or the issue as to why blacks(I'm one) would have a problem w/J.W. comments. Then you sounded like you were attacking the validity of blacks who hold to the reformed theology, and on the bases of this one issue. You question if we're truly reformed by our difference on how we see J.W. comments. That, my brother is weak and a sad commentary on the unity we are to have in Christ. As a matter of fact, you sounded like J.W. in tone and attitude. I'll close with this.. I have a love for you and J.W. It's based on what we have in common, namely, salvation in Christ Alone. You came off judgemental and I sensed no love but I felt a lot of anger on your part. Your tone of accusations against blacks as not behaving "reformed" sure doesn't sound like a tone of reconciliation designed to foster peace and love, not one offer of prayer as starting point for mature dialogue an coming together as brothers in Christ. I have an will continue to pray for J.W., you,myself, and others. That we start all dialogue by applying Matt 15:16-20 first and foremost. Lord help me get the beam out of my own eye.....etc. Lord, search my heart, show me my sin...first. Lord make me humble, break a prideful attitude in me...first. In these situations, people don't pray, an therefore don't think before they jump...we don't ask God for wisdom, or guidance, let along do any self examination. We forget, that Paul was talking about me and you in 1Cor 6:9-11..."and such were some of you".. Grace is forgotten, and so is the doctrine of..."if not for the Grace of God there goes me".. That's why Paul gave a warning in Gal 6:1, " You who are spiritual, a spirit of gentleness, least you also be tempted"....Lastly, and I'll close with scripture..Proverbs 15:1-2,..18:2,13,17...Eccles 5:1-3,...James 2:16-20, 3:13-4:3..

Much Love,
(Joshua 5:13-15)

Daniel C said...

Hi Daniel,

I'm sorry if I come across as "angry." That was not my intent. But to the substance of the post, I do not see where there are any problems.

I cast aspersions on RAAN because they publish this hit post. And objectively, it is a most uncharitable, attack piece on a Reformed Baptist minister in good standing. It misrepresents White's position entirely, tarring him as a racist who "dehumanizes" black people.

If you do not like White's supposed attack on blacks, then perhaps you should hear him out too and not be too quick to cast stones? After all, by the same standard you judge others, you yourself will be judged (Mt. 7:2). Since White has stated repeatedly his critics have misrepresented him and slandered him, perhaps you can try representing his position correctly before critiquing it?

On fostering a climate of peace and love, pray tell me how bearing false witness against Dr. White by writers such as Ekemini fosters a climate of peace and love. Dr. White has repeatedly stated that his words have been distorted and misrepresented. How can a climate of peace and love be fostered when it is his critics that have created such a toxic environment in the first place? Will you or will you not disavow the tactic, borrowed from the liberals, that start a fight then claim the other party is at fault? Who misrepresented whom first?

If Dr. White were to use a Chinese as his example, you wouldn't see me get offended. I do not identify myself first and foremost as "Chinese" such that any and every slight against any single Chinese person I will take up as grievance against me. In fact, most ethnicities around the world do not do that. But somehow, for SOME blacks, this happens. Why is that the case?

So, yes, we are open to hearing you out. But likewise, we want to challenge you on your racialist lenses. We want to challenge the kneejerk reaction, not found in most ethnic groups around the world, that sees any slight on any person that shares the same ethnicity as you as being a personal slight against every black person. We want to question the entire premise of taking liberal critical race theory as axiomatic and formative of a shared "black culture." Show us where any of that is found in Scripture, not whether you are hurt. Unless you want to be post-modern irrationalists, please show us from Scripture why your presuppositions regarding race theory is biblical.

Kirk Skeptic said...

As a white Lutheran I'm somewhat of an outsider, but I find PR's post to be spot on & DL's retort to be the standard liberal ploy of playing victim; confessional Protestants of all stripes have no excuse to indulge in such arrogance and bearing of false witness, as we are to be lovers of truth. To love truth as a Christian requires listening to what one's opponents have to say and engaging them in a respectful manner - its a "do unto others..." thing. DL merely dodged PR's argument by focusing on alleged anger and then engaging in the usual God-smack & covenant jive about love and praying for his opponent rather than respectfully engaging him. If RAAN has anything to say worth listening to it will pay heed or be written off as another parcel of liberal guilt-manipulating rogues; let's see their real colors.