Sunday, March 08, 2015

Anti-2K meltdown

The teaching of Two-Kingdoms theory (2K), often derogatorily termed "R2K" or "Radical Two-Kingdoms," is one view of the relationship between Christ and Culture that is controversial in American Presbyterian and Reformed circles. In light of that, I have posted excerpts from "Mr. Two-Kingdoms" aka Dr. David VanDrunen, on what Two-Kingdoms theory actually teaches on the main points of contention between it and some version of either Neo-Kuyperianism or Christian Reconstructionism.

Sadly, some people are close-minded. They think they know what 2K teaches even better than those who actually believe it. They know a priori that 2K means errors X, Y, Z, and so on, and therefore whatever counter-evidence must fit their narrative of how errant 2K is. Here are some choice responses:

So let me translate what the comment in the first snapshot said: " [puts fingers in ears] I don't care what those who teach 2K actually says they teach. I know it's definitely wrong, and if you claim otherwise, you must be the one who's deceived." As for the second snapshot, this is essentially the content of the responses: "You're an idiot. You must be breaking the 9th commandment, because we know 2K is wrong and therefore anyone who says otherwise is violating the 9th commandment." Don't you just feel the "love"?

I'm really sorry, but if anyone thinks that lies and misrepresentations will convince anyone, you're working for the wrong kingdom, unless of course you are the children of the Devil.

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