Sunday, February 02, 2014

Conspiracy theories, and Anti-Semitism

Recently, I had to un-friend (and block) a guy whose FB screen name is Cado Odac, from Dallas, TX. I had to do so because that guy was promoting hatred against Jews on his FB page. Together with people like Robert Fort, a whole group of his friends decided to defend racism (against black and Orientals as well), attacking all non-whites with vitriol.

As part of his campaign to demonize the Jews, Cado posted this link to an attack on the Ashkenazi Jews and their supposed Kazhar ancestry. The whole article is anti-Semite to the core, based upon all sort of conspiracy theories that would make Dan Brown appear to be a novice. Jews are demonized as part of the New World Order who are out to destroy America, as if these white supremacists have not already destroyed America!

The problem with conspiracy theories is that they have a faulty view of Man and a faulty view of God. They elevate Man, or rather a group of men, to god-like status. Such a group of people are seen as malevolent and the incarnation of the Anti-Christ himself. They also have almost god-like power, able to implement their wicked schemes with great and brutal effect. On the other hand, they demote God. God it seems has not the power to restrain evil. God sees this great malevolent scheme of the ubermensch, stares in horror at it, and wrings his hands helplessly at the destruction it caused to "Christendom." God is not sovereign in all conspiracy theories, for this "god" is powerless and has allowed a group of men to usurp the right to dictate the direction of history.

Let's look at this hack job of an article. We note at the beginning that it has NO footnotes, no references at all. Furthermore, it quotes from.... you guess it... the virulently anti-Semitic fiction titled the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Any citation from the Protocols probably has as much authority as someone citing from the Da Vinci Code, or even less. Therefore, from the start, why would anyone want to actually take this waste of web space seriously?

As to its content, the entire thesis of Kazhar ancestry is disputed by many. But let's say we grant that for the sake of argument. I can even grant the supposed schemes of the "Kazhar Jews" to rule the world. What does that actually prove? NOTHING! Nothing at all!

As I have said, conspiracy theories suffer from an unbiblical elevation of man to god-like power and Satan-like maliciousness, and a diminishing of God to a powerless deity. These come into play here. So what if some "Kazhar Jews" made statements that show they wanted to control the world? First, are these individuals omnipotent? Who's sovereign here: the rulers of the world, or God? So what if they have all their grand plans of world domination? Can anything happen without God allowing it? Secondly, are these people human beings, or demons? Do they still have a remnant of the Imago Dei, or is the Imago Dei totally destroyed in the Fall? Also, is God still restraining the wickedness of men? And finally, what have the schemes of a few men, if true, have to do with an ENTIRE ethnic group? If those white supremacists were actually consistent with such ideas of collective punishment, they should be all hung and quartered for the crimes of the Imperialist powers against the blacks and Asians! Remember the Opium War, or the invasion of Beijing by the combined 8-nation armies at the turn of the 20th century, together with the massacre and rape of Chinese women by the Western armies?! Should the crimes of a few in the past be punished on the whole today, lots of whites ought to be killed, massacred and raped now!

Conspiracy theories, of whatever kind, ought to be discarded for these two reasons. Are there conspiracies? Yes. Do they succeed? Sometimes, if God allows. Are the conspirators demonspawn? No. Can they repent of their wickedness? Yes. Do they represent their entire race? NO! We should stop all conspiracy fear-mongering, and stop demonizing entire groups of people. Such a behavior is contrary to Christianity. And anti-Semitism is extremely wicked, for it is a travesty for someone to claim to follow Jesus the King of the Jews who is a Jew, and then turn around and hate the Jews.


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