Wednesday, April 18, 2012

James White called T4G's position on the Bible inaccurate

I am not as sharp as I should be on this issue, plus of course I did not look at Together for the Gospel's Statement of Faith in detail. Dr. James White however has picked up on the language that the T4G Statement of Faith uses as describing the Bible as "the sole authority for the Church," as an expression of Solo Scriptura a la "me and my Bible alone in the woods." Dr. White's comments on this topic is certainly illuminating and can be read here.


Mary said...

Yes, the subtle errosion of Sola Scriptura is sad and troublesome. Dr. White brings up valid breeches in logic from all parties mentioned.

If my God is incapable of proclaiming, capturing and keeping His Word, then my "god" would be impotent and not worthy of adoration.

Praise the Lord that I have an All Sufficient God that is the Alpha and Omega and will uphold His utterance till the end.

PuritanReformed said...


agree. Unfortunately, quite a lot of people prefer a god who is more "spiritual."