Thursday, October 15, 2009

James White responding to Obama's anti-Christian bigotry

Dr. James White has responded to radical leftist Barack Obama's "dream for a secular, non-Christian nation". Actually, that is a misnomer. It is actually Obama's vision for a homofascist, bigoted, anti-Christian nation, one in which bigoted hate crimes are sanctioned by the State as long as the opponent believes the Bible and practices it.

"If you honor that which sent Christ to the Cross, you are not a Christian" - Dr. James R. White (32 mins into the show)


Munchy said...

although obama is a much more sensible guy than w. bush

he is capable of a lot of damage cuz he is extremely charistmatic and especially cuz he thinks he is christian while not being a christian

PuritanReformed said...


I don't know about sensible. Certainly he is more politically correct and outwardly considerate.

But yet, he is capable of much more damage than Bush