Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Radio: Brannon Howse with Pastor of prominent Hamas leader's son

Here is an interesting radio talk show hosted by Brannon Howse interviewing the pastor, Matt Smith, whose church former Hamas member Mosab Hassan Yousef aka Joseph attends and is being discipled in. Joseph is the son of one of the top Hamas leader, Sheikh Hassan Yousef. By God's grace, he has came to know Christ, left Hamas and is now saved.

In this interview with Pastor Matt Smith, a couple of things can be seen. Firstly, it is indeed very encouraging to see the strength of a bible-based church which practices expository preaching and unapologetically preaches the Gospel message. Secondly, it is mentioned in the archived show of an incident where Joseph at one time lived with a Jewish family. THIS is the solution to the problems of the Middle East — Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Until and unless the people of the Middle East embrace Christ and surrender their hatred and their hearts to Him, there will be no peace in the region. Not in Gaza and not in the West Bank, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The world can only have peace by submitting to Christ and His reign in their hearts, or by being crushed by the wrath of God when He comes again. Unfortunately, few listen and the war goes on and on.

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