Sunday, October 19, 2008

City Harvest's beauty pagent

City Harvest Hunks and Babes

Well, it seems that City Harvest Church, the most popular Word-faith prosperity "church" in Singapore is truly being consistent with their message of health and wealth. During their Asia Conference 2008 of which the speakers read off like a who's who of heretics, City Harvest has decided to organize a beauty pageant as well. In their own words,

Few would expect to see a droolworthy display of well-toned bods and gorgeous faces strutting their stuff in a church setting, but City Harvest Church put that traditional mindset to rest once and for all by holding a Manhunt and Beauty Pageant during their Emerge! Conference in 2007.

Yup, few would expect it. And while I am quite sure the event would be able to satisfy the fleshly lusts of Man for some time, I'm sure after some time this would be stale. A suggestion for Kong Hee and City Harvest: Maybe you may want to consider something more titillating, like having a 30 days of s-x campaign like what they do in the US by New Harvest Church, s-x advertisements or how about a s-x magazine that targets married, Christian women? After all, that would most definitely be "droolworthy". Oh yeah, I'm quite sure it would bring in the crowds too, lots of them.

[HT: Word and Verse]


Anonymous said...

And to tie it all up after those s-x talks, a lingerie pageant! :P

PuritanReformed said...

Eh, 8-)

BEAST FCD said...

What's wrong with you, Daniel? Just a couple of nice looking hot chicks trying to look pretty.

I have no problem with beauty pageants, churches or no. Eye candy is good for the "soul", especially during bad economic times!

Beast FCD